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Pet Polar Products - Polar Pads

Made by Polar Products USA for K9+ Australia




Size 1
35 x 30 (cm)
Size 2
61 x 35 (cm)
Size 3
71 x 51 (cm)
Size 4
71 x 61 (cm)
Size 5
86 x 71 (cm)




Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5



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Polar Pads are regarded as the Best Cooling Pads for Pets available in the world. A long-lasting Cool Pad designed to give your pet a cool place to rest.

The cushioning channels in the Polar Pad provide Orthopaedic ease for the pet with living with pain and arthritis.

Perfect in the application of cooling pets while camping, trips to the beach, car travel and hot days in and around the home. These Cool Pads are also ideal for use inside steel and soft crates, being a real asset to competitors just prior to entering any dog event ring. The Pad keeps your dog cool in the warmer months which will then allow him to exhibit his optimum performance, without leaving his fur wet or marked. As a fellow competitor I am familiar with having to scratch some events because it was going to be too hot for my dog to compete. And on other occasions have left the ring knowing my dog did not perform to her best because she was too hot.

Durable twill material resists punctures. Non-toxic ingredients provide a safe bedding for your dog. The main difference between Polar Products and other brands is the actual ingredience used. Polar Pads contain a unique high-grade hydronic crystal Polymer which absorbs only water, and will not absorb sweat or other toxins allowing it to remain cooler for longer. Other brands may absorb body toxins perspiration and bacteria which can result in skin rashes, odours, mould and mildew. These great Pads stay cool all day, and in some conditions up to several days without the use of ice, refrigeration or resoaking. Nothing to drip or melt. The Pads help lower your pet's core body temperature without over cooling.

Available in five sizes to suit the smallest to largest dogs.

Helps keep your pet cool. No mess, No fuss.

How Does It Work?
Polar Pads are filled with non-toxic polymers that are activated when soaked in water and absorb the water and swell. This reaction then creates an evaporative process which provides a cooling affect. The tough outer twill fabric dries off quickly after soaking, and the product then becomes dry to use, but cool. Once initially soaked, the Polar Pad will provide on going cooling for up to several days depending upon conditions, water quality etc. A simple case of topping it up with shorter soaks when needed is all that is required after that. If being used on a daily basis, one quick top up soak each morning will be plenty.

When the Polar Pad is not required, allow to completely dehydrate again, and the Pad will revert back to original state for storage over the cooler months, and ready to re use the following warm season.

Polar Pads are a proven line of pet cooling products, and have withstood over 15 years of demanding field tests in extreme weather and professional situations. Made in the USA with top-quality materials, Polar Products provide an affordable, simple and effective solution to heat stress, without over cooling your dog.

When selecting a size for your dog, if the intended application is for inside a crate or kennel, please keep in mind that the Polar Pad should take up between 1/3 - 2/3 of the floor space at your discretion. This allows enough room for the dog to move away from the Pad when he feels cool. Also note that once Pad is activated it will decrease slightly in size due to the swelling. The dimensions provided are dehydrated/pre soaked measurements and this should be taken into account when ordering. Full instructions on use and care are supplied with the Polar Pad. Available in Navy Blue.

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