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Royale/Royale2/Competition2 Erecting & Collapsing Procedures and Crate Care



Squeeze to release both black plastic clips that are securing the crate in the collapsed position.




Lift center of rear panel (including frame) until vertical.




Holding center of front panel (fabric only) pull forwards and upwards. Stop when rear panel starts to lean forward.




Still holding front fabric with one hand, use free hand to lift center of top/front frame.




This is lying flat on the floor of the crate. As the frame moves into the skin, gently mould the corresponding frame corners snuggly inside the skin corners




The crate may stand like this without assistance now.




The bungy style frame has two male/female connections, one on each side. Interlock these now.




Then, one side at a time, lift this jointed section (in a vertical direction only) using the palm of your hand to cup and support the joint. Lift until the joint is fully interlocked and the top frame line is horizontal.

Note, it is very important not to allow this male/female bungy-joint to move horizontally inward or outward as this may damage the hinge end joints.




Press the orange button with thumb and slide grey sleeve over the interlocked bungy joint untill the frame is locked into assembled position. To close roof opening, stand with your body/legs firm against the front of the crate.




With one hand holding one side of the roof flap, pull it firmly towards yourself and towards the other part of the zip. With one hand, pull the zip tag closed approx of the way down the straight side of the Royale/Royale2 or just past the end of the fabric section on the Competition2.

Repeat this procedure with the zip on the other side.




Now you can continue to close the zips until they meet at the front of the crate. Your crate is now ready to be used. When collapsing your crate, reverse the assembly procedure.

Always ensure when you are collapsing the crate, the front section is removed from the skin! To leave it may result in the skin corners to be torn from undue stress.




If you wish to collapsed your crate for storage or transportation with the bedding still inside, make sure -

  • the inside of the crate and bedding is completely dry
  • the bedding is thin enough not to distort the integrity of the crate frame. Our K9+ Crate Mats are specifically designed to be collapsed inside the crate safely.

We recommend a tarp or Crate Carry Bag is placed on the ground underneath the erected crate when being used outdoors to protect the skin floor of the crate.

When your crate is brand new, we recommend you assist the "bedding in process" of the crate by erecting it in your home and leaving it up for a few days prior to collapsing it again.



The entire crate can be wiped over with a damp cloth. If badly soiled the skin can be completely removed from the frame and gently hand washed.

Do not soak, bleach or dry in the sun. Once skin has dried, reinsert frame and initiate "bedding in" process again.



Important... At no time should items of any substantial weight be put on or rested on top of the erected or collapsed crate.
Example grooming kit or bag of dog food. Soft dog crates are not designed to be leant against or sat on. The design strength is from the inside where the dog is housed. Placing such items as car keys, dog leash, show catalogue, mobile phone or crate carry bag on top of the erected crate is fine.

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