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Here at K9+ like many of our customers we own, train and compete with our very much loved dogs. Because of this we understand that unfortunately from time to time little mishaps and accidents can and do occur. Therefore as an integral part of our business we back up our crate sales department with a fully equipped, comprehensive service department for your crate frames.

K9+ offers minor and major crate frame servicing, frame replacements, changeovers and new frames for sale. If you prefer to repair and service your own frame we will post spare parts directly to you. Some of our spare parts and skins will also suit other existing brands of crates.

Spare crate skins are also available for sale. Please forward your crate model and size for a quote on price and availability.

Please advise if you wish to receive via email:

  • Full pricelist of all frame parts, crate skins and servicing.

* All parts and service are kept at the lowest possible prices.

Caprice-BurgundyK9+ Caprice
Caprice-BurgundyK9+ Caprice
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